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Welcome to BNB Battery! We've developed products and services that could reduce your annual lead-acid battery purchase costs by 20%-80%Our Green battery management service for 6 or 12 Volt Lead-Acid batteries can provide great value for your company while keeping your vehicles performance ready. Recent enhancements to our products and the introduction of new services can support lead-acid batteries from 2 to 60 volts. If you want to extend battery life through lead-acid battery regeneration and rejuvenation, let's talk. 

Let's face it, you have a large inventory of batteries in your fleet and maintaining and replacing them costs your company thousands of dollars every year. And, while environmentally conscious companies use recycling to lower the carbon impact on our climate and minimize the disbursement of toxic and corrosive heavy metal acid battery waste, we'd like to suggest that a new practice can have an even more pronounced effect when deployed with recycling - and that practice is Re-Use. With our system, you can regenerate most of those batteries you have removed from your vehicles because conventional testing methods showed they are bad. In fact, around 80% of them can be recovered and returned to like new functional status in 24 hours or less. And, the process is quite simple. Just connect the battery to our system, push a couple of buttons, and regeneration of the battery is on its way.

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We invite you to review our site and company to learn more about how you can enhance your bottom line, generate better performance from your motive assets, and augment your environmental stewardship.

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