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Chris O'Neal, General Manager Reynolds Farm Equipment

"Thank you for your persistence in getting our company to evaluate your battery regeneration service.


As you know, we were skeptical at first as we had not heard that the capability existed to recover or restore batteries returned to suppliers as defective. We also weren’t aware that such a high number (80%) of suspected bad batteries were actually not bad and were good candidates for restoration.


You proved to us that your technology could easily bring these batteries back to life and we are pleased to offer this testimonial.


We are currently using your services to:
  • Increase our battery profits, and;
  • Create a new revenue stream for our service group, and;
  • Significantly reduce our internal battery expense, and;
  • Gain new battery sales from customers who used to look elsewhere for new battery purchases. This also has increased our sales in other parts of our business as the battery service is bringing customers to our stores who might not have visited us in the past.

This easy to use procedure requires little manpower on our part and the machine rental program results in an immediate ROI with no capital expenditure.

We are pleased to recommend your service to others and look forward to rolling it out to our other operations.

Thanks for bringing this technology to our attention and helping us develop a more sensible and profitable approach to our battery operations."


Randy Kessler, Manager Smith Implements

"To whom it may concern,


I wanted to take a minute to tell you about BNB Battery LLC and the Battery Regeneration System they provided to Smith Implements.


Our relationship started with the owners of BNB getting in touch with our owner Dave Smith. BNB was referred to us by a well-respected John Deere dealer who had been using the BNB Battery Regeneration System for some time and with great success.


The owners of BNB scheduled a meeting with us to discuss our needs and how best the Battery Regeneration System would work based on our needs and our client’s needs as well. We were able to implement a solution that had an immediate ROI from day one and the BNB Boys walked us through everything from how to set up our Battery Regeneration area, to how to best test and Regenerate the batteries, to how to price them.


When it came to training and follow up BNB did a good job making sure we knew what we were doing and how to maximize the Battery Regeneration System. We have put one of our team members in charge of the Regeneration Service and it is working out very well.


Even though our ROI was immediate we are able to reduce our battery cost by over 75% and increase our profitability dramatically on Regenerated batteries as well as being able to sell new batteries.


Overall BNB Battery LLC and the “BNB Battery Regeneration System” is the best thing that has happened to the battery business in decades.  I would recommend you talking to the BNB Boys as soon as you can so you can start saving buckets of money as well."

Reg Ormsby, President Ormsby Trucking
“I wanted to provide a recommendation of the battery management system we have had in place since January 2011 from your team.


We just had a meeting on our P&L and while the return was great, we think we can improve our battery savings even more. We’ve cut our battery expenses by approximately 40% thus far. We compared last year’s January through June P&L’s to this year for the same period regarding battery expenses.


We also found out that we weren’t even utilizing your system as much as we could. We think we can double our performance if we use the system as instructed by your team. And, almost totally eliminate the need to buy new batteries in the future.


Your system has done everything you said it can do, and more, and I look forward to all the benefits it can and will continue to provide. I would recommend your Battery Management System to anyone who needs to keep their trucks on the road.”

Gary Langston, President Indiana Motor Truck Association

“I’m excited to introduce our membership to BNB Battery, LLC, a new member and preferred vendor of the IMTA.


BNB Battery, LLC Provides Battery Management Systems that can reduce battery cost by as much as 80% and double or triple the service life of your batteries.


BNB came very highly recommended by long term members of the association. We spent some time with the owners of BNB and evaluated them and the services they provide.  We found BNB to be a great fit for The IMTA and our members.


The products and programs BNB Battery has available will provide our membership with an instant Return on Investment (ROI), which will help increase their bottom line profitability. This allows our association to provide additional value to our members.


I recommend that you take the time to talk to a team member from BNB Battery so you can realize the benefits of the great services BNB has to offer you as an IMTA Member.”

Jeff Stoops, President Stoops Freightliner - Quality Trailer

“I heard about your battery management service and was intrigued by the capabilities it might offer our company in a couple of ways. My operations manager and I met with the BNB Battery team and quickly agreed to a 1 week evaluation of the service.

That project was a resounding success as they actually recovered 80% of a pallet of batteries we had prepared for shredding. We then moved to a 60 day paid consultation on how we can best implement the service in our businesses. Once that is completed, we anticipate providing a written testimonial with actual performance data.


The service has been so successful that I have contacted one of my larger customers to let the owner know that he should talk to BNB Battery as they have revitalized approximately 60% -70% of the batteries that we would normally throw away. Since it gives you the chance to cut your battery expense and help the environment, it is at least worth viewing and discussing with them. We are using it currently for our used truck and leasing companies.”


MaryAnn Hudson, EVP of Bibby Transportation Finance

“We are always looking for best of the best value added solutions for our clients and BNB really knocks this one out of the park. Their solution, available for all our fleet clients, is not only Green but will help save thousands of dollars every month through reduced battery purchase expense.”