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The battery replacement market is huge. It is estmated at over $32B in 2019 and growing. Our technology, licensing and services allow companies to significantly reduce battery expense while reducing the impact on our environement caused by the irrational recycling of lead-acid batteries that are not bad. Recycling defective batteries is fine; doing so before their time is extremely wasteful and expensive. 

The market practice of replacing batteries when they are thought to be bad has proliferated in this country for over 100 years. Unfortunately, a simple test is performed and the interpretted results indicate the battery should be replaced. The test is ok but the interpretation of the results is flawed - and usually so over 80% of the time. We know this to be true because we have picked up thousands of batteries before they reach the recycling/shredding facility and returned them to operational state.
We've developed a new plan to change this age old scheme - a plan that has been non-existent but is now emerging. Our plan involves...
We show you what to test for and how to determine if a battery is really bad or not.
We show you how to prepare batteries for the regeneration of their capacity.
We provide the products and procedures to regenerate batteries to bring them back to 90% - 110% of their original capacity. Products can be used to recover batteries with voltage rankings from 2 - 60 volts, 10 - 3000 ah's, and 100 - 1600 CCA's. They work on Flooded, VRLA, Gel, or AGM batteries.
Once your battery has been recovered, we show you how to keep it in optimum condition whether on the shelf or in service.
What Are You Waiting For?
If you are a fleet owner or maintenance provider you must embrace this technology. It returns at least 80% of your battery spend to the bottom line. We can help further as we have enhanced our product line to provide a 4 channel model with extended cable lengths to allow the regeneration process to be implemented with the batteries in the truck! Using this practice can save up to 2 hours in labor costs on each battery change. Add that savings to what you'll realize through extended battery life and you can't go wrong.
If you are in charge of battery management in the cellular, telecom, or cable industries, we have regeneration products that can be permantly attached to continually protect your batteries from sulfation. Think about the convenience and savings this could provide.
If you are in the used car, truck, semi, leasing, or repair field, you could be enhancing your revenue significantly while maintaining a happier customer base.
Own a golf course or use equipment that is powered by 6 volt, 8 volt, or 12 volt batteries? You've become complacent about annual battery replacement as you think there is no solution but replacement. Just think what 2-3 times longer life on the batteries would do for your operation. We now have a system that can recover these batteries in 24 hours to keep your carts in optimum condition. And, using our regeneration system will significantly lower your electricity operating costs as we use a fraction of the power that battery chargers use. We also can regenerate the batteries in the cart to prevent removal when the battery appears to be bad. This system could be a significant profit center for companies that repair and refurbish large numbers of golf carts.
More to come...